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The First order…followed by the second one…!!

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Well….the first order did come in…FINALLY!!!


My husband had suggested that I get a new phone number dedicated to Not Just Qumin!!!, before I venture out and start talking about it, so that, incase ‘It’ didn’t work out, I won’t be getting random calls from people saying ‘Ek kadai paneer bhej do’ J. I understood his point and got myself a new number, posted it on my blog, on Facebook, on the fliers and so on….but the phone just wouldn’t ring…and I would wait and wait and wait…even if it made a small little sound, I would run to check, but alas would just have ‘AD messages’ saying this plot available or that hospital is providing an X service…anyways, all my friend and family had advised me to be patient and to hold on…so I did….


A call came last week, stating they plan to have a gathering sometime in September, and they would like to know what all options can I provide…I was ecstatic…but then it didn’t materialise…then a friend’s friend called and said, she would like to order…i was excited…but no success there either…and then a few more calls…and few more plans but my kitchen and my mind was still waiting to begin….


And then Finally…like a flower in the dessert, the call came and they ordered…YES, they ordered…and I was so happy and excited. I will always be thankful to Didi for this :)….So, I set my most professional tone forward and suggested what all I can serve, what time I will deliver and so on and so forth.


They ordered for, Posto mangsho…a very un-conventional, mutton dish, made with Khus-khus and some rare spices, actually not rare, but not commonly used spices. They also ordered for beans&coconut dish and Daal…and it was for about 11 guests…so I set on to work and delivered on time…and in order to show my appreciation, I also delivered a dessert complimentary, which was Pati sapta, a Bengali sweet, one of my favourites and I am sure, all bongs love it too.


While I was delivering this order, I got another call…a nice ring on my new number…and I got my second order for 5…It felt great!!! I was to deliver Kosha mangsho, again a very Bong mutton dish and Masala Aloo Gobi and parathas…It was a lunch order…so by about 1, I was done and happy.


I wanted to click some pictures of Posto magsho and beans dish, but unfortunately couldn’t, but I did manage to click some pictures of Kosha mangsho and masala aloo gobi…I am also trying to work my skills at photography and photoshop… 😉

 Masala Gobi Allo

Masala Gobi Allo

Kosha Mansho

I do have a question though where I would like to know what you feel. A lot of calls that came in, in the last couple of weeks, almost 80% of the people enquired about sampling the food before ordering, My thoughts are, why not, if I can manage to make may be one of the dishes they are interested in, it will give them the confidence (end of the day, they have to face their guests)…but a few of my friends say that I should not…Please let me know your feedback on this…It will help me get back to my  customers accordingly.


Biggest Challenge – Menu and Pricing!!

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So, after the name being decided, the challenge was to come with a menu, which will include the dishes which are not ‘run-of-the-mill’ dishes, dishes which you won’t find in a regular restaurant and an even bigger challenge was to come with the costing (to be honest, I am still struggling with the costing). When one cooks at home, its difficult to find out how much would that dish cost…if you planned to sell it. A lot of suggestions came my way, buy a new lot of ingredients, from daal to spices to everything and see how much you consume and calculate!!! HA…now, I am not even sure, how many orders will I get, moreover, will I get an order at all or not?? So, that option was ruled out. Another suggestion was, calculate thinking, if you were to take your guests out for dinner, how much will that come to? And if they order from you, how much will they save and blah blah blah…well, all the suggestions that came in, some made sense, some didn’t…and then I thought and decided that I am new comer in this field and even if I don’t come up with an exact costing, will anyone kill me or put me down?? So, I have just put down the costing which I felt was reasonable and if it does seem too high or too low, I am hoping my friends will pop a mail/ call/ sms and tell me that it’s all wrong…


So, here goes the menu and the costing…I have tried explaining each Bengali dish mentioned below…hope that helps.


I also marking some dishes BOLD, these are the dishes, I know, you will love…  🙂

Bengali – Veg Rates/Plate – Serves 2  
Patoler dorma 100  
(Khus-khus/daal Stuffed parwal with posto in coconut/cumin gravy)  
Kochur saag 80  
(It’s a Bengali delicacy, made with coconut, goes well with rice)  
Bada kopi 80  
(Cauliflower vegetable, with various Bengali spices and coconut)  
Alur dum 100  
(A simple potato vegetable made on slow fire with various whole spices)  
Beet root narkol 80  
(Beet root vegetable with onions, coconut and Bengali spices)  
Alu potol 80  
(Parwal and potato vegetable, both dry and with gravy)  
Chana malai curry 100  
(Paneer curry cooked in coconut gravy with various whole spices, a vegetarian version of Chingry malai curry)  
Palang saag 100  
(Simple spinach saag made with Bengali spices and coconut)  
Lau cholar daal 90  
(Chana daal cooked with Lauki and coconut)  
Alu posto 100  
(Potato dry vegetable with khus-khus)    
Mulor paturi 100  
(Raddish dish, a delicacy, cooked on slow heat in banana leaf with green chillies and spices…extremely yummy!!)  
Bengali – Non Veg Rates/Plate – Serves 2  
Chingri malai curry 175  
(Prawns in coconut curry, cooked with whole Bengali spices)  
Iilish macher paturi – seasonal    
(Hilsa cooked on slow heat in banana leaf, a delicacy)  
Ilish bhaja – seasonal 240  
(Fried Marinated Hilsa)    
Bhetki fry 175  
(Bhetki fish, marinated, coated and fried – a  
Pabda sorso jhol 180  
(Padma fish, in mustard gravy)    
Rui zeere bata 175  
(Rohu fish in cumin gravy)    
Kosha mangsho – chicken 150  
(Chicken cooked on slow fire with various spices)  
Kosha mangsho – mutton    
(Mutton cooked on slow fire with various spices)  
Posto mangsho 220  
(A delicacy, mutton cooked with khus-khus, over slow heat, a very fragrant dish, goes very well with Parathas)    
Meethi Chiken 160  
(Chicken dish with meethi)    
Potoler dorma – keema 160  
(Keema Stuffed Parwal in coconut/cumin gravy)  
Keema khichudi 120  
(Khichdi made with keema and Bengali spices)  
Deemer jhol 120  
(Bengali egg curry)    
Bengali ‘Must haves’ Rates/plate – serves 2  
Moong masoor dal 80  
(Simple yellow daal)    
Cholar dal 80  
(A very Bengali daal, cooked with coconut, ghee and Bengali spices)  
Allu bhaja 60  
(fried potatoes, a must have with daal and rice)  
Potal bhaja 60  
(Fried marinated parwal)    
Beguni 70  
(Coated Fried brinjal)    
Begun bhaja 60  
(Brinjal fry)    
Korola bhaja 60  
(Fried bitter ground)    
Khichudi 125  
(Simple kichidi with Bengali spices)    
Kakrol – keema 125  
(Kakrol, a Bengali vegetable, stuffed with keema)  
Kakrol posto 120  
(Kakrol, stuffed with khus-khus and coconut)  
Koraishutir kochori 25/ piece  
(Bengali spiced peas, stuffed in puries, goes well with cholaar daal)  
Rice 80  
(Plain boiled rice)    
Porota 20/piece  
Luchi 15/piece  
Raita – boondi 40  
Raita- mix 40  
Raita – pineapple 70  
Chatni 80  
Punjabi Rates/plate – serves 2  
Kali daal 100  
Chole 100  
Rajma 100  
Dhaba daal 90  
Dum alloo 100  
Malai Paneer 110  
Paneer Bhurji 100  
Bharta 80  
Kadi pakoda 100  
Mix veg 100  
Zeera Alloo 80  
Pulav 100  
Bhindi masala 100  
Gazar Aloo – Seasonal 100  
Arbi masala 100  
Tomato Arbi 100  
Palak paneer/corn 120  
Chicken 120  
Mutton 140  
Prawns 240  
Others Rates/plate – serves 2  
Chicken in tomato sauce 200  
Veg in tomato sauce 160  
Chicken in white sauce 200  
Veg in white sauce 175  
Salad 150  
Mashed Potato 120  
Prawns Le cream 240  
Veg in red curry 150  
Chicken in red curry 175  
Prawns in red curry 250  
Raw papaya salad 120  
Rice 80  
Veg Khausey 160  
Chicken Khausey 200  
Rice noodles/Rice 120  
Desserts Rates/plate – serves 2  
Payesh/Kheer 100  
Pati shapta 120  
Mithi Bhaat 60  
Mithi sevian 110  
Suji halwa 80  
Daal halwa 100  
Besan halwa 100  
Fruit custard 100  


Well, I hope the menu and costing meets your expectation, I look forward to hearing from you soon. You may be reach me at 9810599369, 9650925175.


Have a Happy smiling week ahead…Cheers!!

Why, ‘Not Just Qumin’??

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It has always been my dream to have my own catering service, whether a dabba business, a party catering service or a nice little café…But I never could do anything about it, you may ask why not? Well, the reasons could be numerous, from the security of the job, to the fixed monthly income, to the number of EMI’s that one has to pay….but this time, I just told myself…that if this is what makes me happy, I must do it…coz I have nothing to loose…but being the practical person that I am…I am taking a safer bet…A weekend catering service…”NOT JUST QUMIN”, just simple, homemade food….to be served at various gatherings…

A question that I have been asked by my friends numerous numbers of times is…What’s Qumin? and Why, ‘Not Just Qumin’?…well…here’s the explanation…First Qumin(cumin) means Jeera – a whole spice, which is used in almost all kinds of cuisines, especially in Indian cuisine, and even more so in Bengali and Punjabi cuisine and it’s one of my Favourite spice, I use it in all kinds of forms, solid jeera, powdered jeera, roasted jeera…so on and so forth…so that’s why Qumin and why ‘Not Just Qumin’, Well, after talking on and on about the name, rejecting and re-rejecting and then laughing about it….somehow this name stuck around and had a nice ring…and I liked it for another reason…it leaves the horizon open for me to add new cuisines as and when I get better at them…hence… “Not Just Qumin” it is.

The menu is also very simple…all kinds of dishes, you would want to prepare at home and serve…the food which is not ‘run-of-the-mill’ restaurant food, less oil, less masala, ‘custom made’ 🙂 etc…from a simple yellow daal to Kosha mangsho to Aloo dum to Eilish (Hilsa) maach to chingri malai curry to anything you can imagine homemade.

My friends have always raved about my cooking, but then that happens either coz they are polite or are too drunk to define good food (wink wink)…so here I am offering what I feel I cook nicely, for all of you to try and give feedback…your feedback is EXTREMELY important to me…about the menu, the cost, the spices…please do let me know what you think…I am taking baby steps and I need your support….so will look forward!!! Happy ordering 🙂