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Why, ‘Not Just Qumin’??

Posted in bengali, homemade food, Order, punjabi on August 20, 2009 by "Not Just Qumin!!!"

It has always been my dream to have my own catering service, whether a dabba business, a party catering service or a nice little café…But I never could do anything about it, you may ask why not? Well, the reasons could be numerous, from the security of the job, to the fixed monthly income, to the number of EMI’s that one has to pay….but this time, I just told myself…that if this is what makes me happy, I must do it…coz I have nothing to loose…but being the practical person that I am…I am taking a safer bet…A weekend catering service…”NOT JUST QUMIN”, just simple, homemade food….to be served at various gatherings…

A question that I have been asked by my friends numerous numbers of times is…What’s Qumin? and Why, ‘Not Just Qumin’?…well…here’s the explanation…First Qumin(cumin) means Jeera – a whole spice, which is used in almost all kinds of cuisines, especially in Indian cuisine, and even more so in Bengali and Punjabi cuisine and it’s one of my Favourite spice, I use it in all kinds of forms, solid jeera, powdered jeera, roasted jeera…so on and so forth…so that’s why Qumin and why ‘Not Just Qumin’, Well, after talking on and on about the name, rejecting and re-rejecting and then laughing about it….somehow this name stuck around and had a nice ring…and I liked it for another reason…it leaves the horizon open for me to add new cuisines as and when I get better at them…hence… “Not Just Qumin” it is.

The menu is also very simple…all kinds of dishes, you would want to prepare at home and serve…the food which is not ‘run-of-the-mill’ restaurant food, less oil, less masala, ‘custom made’ 🙂 etc…from a simple yellow daal to Kosha mangsho to Aloo dum to Eilish (Hilsa) maach to chingri malai curry to anything you can imagine homemade.

My friends have always raved about my cooking, but then that happens either coz they are polite or are too drunk to define good food (wink wink)…so here I am offering what I feel I cook nicely, for all of you to try and give feedback…your feedback is EXTREMELY important to me…about the menu, the cost, the spices…please do let me know what you think…I am taking baby steps and I need your support….so will look forward!!! Happy ordering 🙂