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The First order…followed by the second one…!!

Posted in bengali, homemade food, Order with tags , , on August 31, 2009 by "Not Just Qumin!!!"


Well….the first order did come in…FINALLY!!!


My husband had suggested that I get a new phone number dedicated to Not Just Qumin!!!, before I venture out and start talking about it, so that, incase ‘It’ didn’t work out, I won’t be getting random calls from people saying ‘Ek kadai paneer bhej do’ J. I understood his point and got myself a new number, posted it on my blog, on Facebook, on the fliers and so on….but the phone just wouldn’t ring…and I would wait and wait and wait…even if it made a small little sound, I would run to check, but alas would just have ‘AD messages’ saying this plot available or that hospital is providing an X service…anyways, all my friend and family had advised me to be patient and to hold on…so I did….


A call came last week, stating they plan to have a gathering sometime in September, and they would like to know what all options can I provide…I was ecstatic…but then it didn’t materialise…then a friend’s friend called and said, she would like to order…i was excited…but no success there either…and then a few more calls…and few more plans but my kitchen and my mind was still waiting to begin….


And then Finally…like a flower in the dessert, the call came and they ordered…YES, they ordered…and I was so happy and excited. I will always be thankful to Didi for this :)….So, I set my most professional tone forward and suggested what all I can serve, what time I will deliver and so on and so forth.


They ordered for, Posto mangsho…a very un-conventional, mutton dish, made with Khus-khus and some rare spices, actually not rare, but not commonly used spices. They also ordered for beans&coconut dish and Daal…and it was for about 11 guests…so I set on to work and delivered on time…and in order to show my appreciation, I also delivered a dessert complimentary, which was Pati sapta, a Bengali sweet, one of my favourites and I am sure, all bongs love it too.


While I was delivering this order, I got another call…a nice ring on my new number…and I got my second order for 5…It felt great!!! I was to deliver Kosha mangsho, again a very Bong mutton dish and Masala Aloo Gobi and parathas…It was a lunch order…so by about 1, I was done and happy.


I wanted to click some pictures of Posto magsho and beans dish, but unfortunately couldn’t, but I did manage to click some pictures of Kosha mangsho and masala aloo gobi…I am also trying to work my skills at photography and photoshop… 😉

 Masala Gobi Allo

Masala Gobi Allo

Kosha Mansho

I do have a question though where I would like to know what you feel. A lot of calls that came in, in the last couple of weeks, almost 80% of the people enquired about sampling the food before ordering, My thoughts are, why not, if I can manage to make may be one of the dishes they are interested in, it will give them the confidence (end of the day, they have to face their guests)…but a few of my friends say that I should not…Please let me know your feedback on this…It will help me get back to my  customers accordingly.