The First order…followed by the second one…!!


Well….the first order did come in…FINALLY!!!


My husband had suggested that I get a new phone number dedicated to Not Just Qumin!!!, before I venture out and start talking about it, so that, incase ‘It’ didn’t work out, I won’t be getting random calls from people saying ‘Ek kadai paneer bhej do’ J. I understood his point and got myself a new number, posted it on my blog, on Facebook, on the fliers and so on….but the phone just wouldn’t ring…and I would wait and wait and wait…even if it made a small little sound, I would run to check, but alas would just have ‘AD messages’ saying this plot available or that hospital is providing an X service…anyways, all my friend and family had advised me to be patient and to hold on…so I did….


A call came last week, stating they plan to have a gathering sometime in September, and they would like to know what all options can I provide…I was ecstatic…but then it didn’t materialise…then a friend’s friend called and said, she would like to order…i was excited…but no success there either…and then a few more calls…and few more plans but my kitchen and my mind was still waiting to begin….


And then Finally…like a flower in the dessert, the call came and they ordered…YES, they ordered…and I was so happy and excited. I will always be thankful to Didi for this :)….So, I set my most professional tone forward and suggested what all I can serve, what time I will deliver and so on and so forth.


They ordered for, Posto mangsho…a very un-conventional, mutton dish, made with Khus-khus and some rare spices, actually not rare, but not commonly used spices. They also ordered for beans&coconut dish and Daal…and it was for about 11 guests…so I set on to work and delivered on time…and in order to show my appreciation, I also delivered a dessert complimentary, which was Pati sapta, a Bengali sweet, one of my favourites and I am sure, all bongs love it too.


While I was delivering this order, I got another call…a nice ring on my new number…and I got my second order for 5…It felt great!!! I was to deliver Kosha mangsho, again a very Bong mutton dish and Masala Aloo Gobi and parathas…It was a lunch order…so by about 1, I was done and happy.


I wanted to click some pictures of Posto magsho and beans dish, but unfortunately couldn’t, but I did manage to click some pictures of Kosha mangsho and masala aloo gobi…I am also trying to work my skills at photography and photoshop… 😉

 Masala Gobi Allo

Masala Gobi Allo

Kosha Mansho

I do have a question though where I would like to know what you feel. A lot of calls that came in, in the last couple of weeks, almost 80% of the people enquired about sampling the food before ordering, My thoughts are, why not, if I can manage to make may be one of the dishes they are interested in, it will give them the confidence (end of the day, they have to face their guests)…but a few of my friends say that I should not…Please let me know your feedback on this…It will help me get back to my  customers accordingly.


3 Responses to “The First order…followed by the second one…!!”

  1. Over here, it is all ‘word of mouth’ for the caterers. And trust me it spreads fast. If business does not pick up in a couple of months you may have to advertise. Maybe you can have an inaugration night and cook up you best dishes and sample it out with toothpicks. And for those who attend and pay for a future orders on that day of inaugration, they can lock in a price with 15% discount.

  2. I was there – and it was the most awesome “home-cooked” bengali dinner away from home I have ever had. Being an attacker of “anything meat” i fell upon the posto mangsho – and boy, i just wish there were fewer people to be waiting in line… any one out there that does not try this dish – well, mister…you aint had it till you taste it. The mutton pieces were of the perfect texture, and softness to melt in your mouth – giving away the juicy masala and the Khus – khus flavours to explode on to the taste buds. Keep it Qumin’ mate!

  3. u cud try clickin in day;ight too. u’d be surprised at the difference it makes 🙂

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